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“QuestionBlast caught up with The Minx whilst smoking cigars during her latest shoot:”


The Master of Awkward Interviews, Madeline Minx.”


“Perhaps the best online comedy clip for transhumanist nerds... since... ever.”

-The Era of the Creative Collective

“I have seen the future of science journalism and her name is Madeline Minx.  Do not sip your coffee and watch this video at the same time, unless you'd like to give your desk a wide caffeine spritz.”

-Howard Lovy’s NanoBot

“Laugh, cringe, and then move to China, because the Minx is frighteningly funny.”

-H + Solutions

“Funny as hell!  I was surprised it was not a transhumanist one-off but instead part of a show that will focus on "[h]er strategy: to become a celebrity and secure a spot at the front of the line for any major transhumanist/post-human/extropian developments." Education through humor!”

-Richard Leis

“Aubrey de Grey’s funniest interview ever:”


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