Worried about the future?  Too late, It’s already here.

Nanotechnology, designer babies, roombas that actually work... These advances will either be our best friend or our worst enemy.   But have no fear because Madeline Minx meets with world reknown scientists, entrepreneurs, philosophers and troublemakers to investigate what will either be the demise of human civilization...or the birth of transhumanism! 

She may not have all the right answers, but she’ll ask all the wrong questions!

Liz Payne, Writer, Editor, Producer

Liz Payne is a San Francisco based writer/producer. Her work in television has appeared on  the Food Network, HGTV and the Discovery Channel. She has also worked on independent documentaries for PBS and the Oxygen Network. When not worrying about the ramifications from thawing the woolly mammoth, Liz looks forward to a time when she can take her jetpack to work.

Madeline Minx, Host, Editor, Producer

Madeline Minx is an award winning filmmaker, singer and comedian.   In addition to trailblazing for fame, fortune and love in the Singularity, she is currently in pre-production on her feature film ‘What Do You Thinx of Madeline Minx?’.  Her screenplay for said pic recently won ‘Best Farce’ at Broad Humor Film Festival and ‘Best Fresh Voice’ at Female Eye Film Festival.  For more Minx: